Scuba diving redang malaysia


Redang is a small island off the coast of Malaysia which offers snorkelling and diving opportunities. Its crystal clear waters and various dive sites make it a popular destination for divers.

I visited Redang during a Star Cruise trip. The ship, Superstar Gemini, sailed from Singapore on 7th June 2015. The ship is parked a few kilometres from the island to avoid its hull from hitting the sea bed. We were taken on a ferry to the island. The dive resort at the disembarkation point of the island was running packed because of the pre-bookings from our ship (we had opted out of pre-booking because we came to know that the onboard prices were way higher than the actual price at the dive resort). On exploring the island further we found a couple of more dive centres. We booked the dive at Redang Bay Resort which offered 3 instructors for 4 of us and provided enough air for us to dive for about an hour (compared to 20 minutes dive time offered by the first dive centre). It cost RM 180 per person.

For first time divers there is a 10 minute introductory session before going into the sea and 10-15 minute training session in the shallow sea water. After this exercise we are allowed to go in deeper waters (10-15 meter). It was an exhilarating feeling to breathe under water. I think of myself as an adventurous person but even I found it a bit scary to go into the blackness of the sea. I could literally see the sea bed going deeper and deeper; as far as my eyes could see. But my adrenaline rush kept me going.

There are a variety of fishes and corals that can be found near Redang, the most famous one being the ocellaris clownfish which was popularised by the movie – Finding Nemo. The beautiful underwater world can be seen in this video which I shot using a GoPro Hero 3 camera.


This article and video have also been featured on Decathlon Blog.


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