Chadar Trek Video

One of the most coveted treks in India, Chadar/Frozen River Trek is an ecstatic experience. The 2017 season of Chadar Trek witnessed 3 days of continuous snowfall; luckily (and unluckily) our group was on the Chadar during this 3 day window. The trek has it all – ice ledges, Antarctica like walk-on-snow experience, dip in chilling water at -15o C, flawless beauty of Ladakh, camping under snowfall, frozen waterfall.

To the adventure enthusiasts, who haven’t yet done the trek, this video is reason enough to book your slot for the next season.


13 thoughts on “Chadar Trek Video

  1. I am an adventurous freak and love to try out the adventurous sport be it river rafting, bungee jumping or trekking. As soon as I read the blog I booked the trip to try out this River Frozen trek which turned out to be an ecstatic experience. The camping, frozen waterfall, walking on snow was an amazing experience as mentioned in the blog.


  2. HEY,

    Great job here on —. You know what?

    I read a lot of blog posts and I never heard of a topic like this. I LOVE this topic you made about the bloggers’ bucket list. Very ingenious


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