Hans Zimmer Live

With Zimmer’s bombastic music, things often blow out of proportion. One stroke of a chord and you could fall. You could fall across dreams, fall in space, fall into a pit. And the very next chord, you could rise, rise again, rise from the pit, resurrect. It’s all profound and epiphanic. I’ve always been drawn towards these qualities of Zimmer’s music. Apart from the aesthetic pleasures of the movie scenes that accompany his soundtracks, these pieces also facilitate an easy and smooth transition into the thoughtful or pensive. So the moment I heard of Zimmer Live, I booked myself a ticket for the concert which was to be held at Manchester Arena on 14th April, 2016. It was time for some nostalgic walter-mitty escape.

Here is a brief glimpse from the concert


One thought on “Hans Zimmer Live

  1. This is a fantastic post, I enjoyed the detailed guide and looking forward to read about your travels. Thanks for sharing with some of us who like to travel.


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