Triund Trek is a surprise in disguise. It is laced with the trinity of rewarding journey, picturesque views of snow-capped mountains and the subtle beauty of a snow trek.  With such breath-taking beauty surrounding me, I didn’t have to put in much effort with the camera. Triund is at an effortless distance from New Delhi. Although, the trek can easily be done in a single day, but what’s a trek without a bonfire on top and a sound sleep right underneath the stars. It’s a 5 km trek and the time taken to reach the top really depends upon body fitness and the amount of snow on the trail. Typically it takes 3-4 hours for the upward journey and 2-3 hours to come down. Nature brings out thoughts and emotions in the queerest of queer ways. So I will cut right to the photographs and bring you to what’s in it at Triund. We did the trek on 12-12-2015.


The View



The Journey



The Peak




how to reach triund

One can reach Pathankot from Delhi by an overnight train. Buses leave from Pathankot to Dharamshala every half an hour. McLeod Ganj is further 6-7 km from Dharamshala and shared taxis or buses can  be used to reach there. Triund Trek starts from Galu Devi Temple. 3 wheeled autos and taxis go up to Galu Devi Temple. The road is uneven and I would recommend taking a taxi as the fare is almost the same. Some people also start the trek from Dharamkot which adds an extra 2 km to the total distance.

Where to start the trek from – Dharamkot or Galu Devi Temple?

  • If you plan to reach the top and climb down the same day then I would recommend you begin at Galu Devi Temple. The scenic beauty starts once you start gaining height and thus you won’t be missing much by not starting from Dharamkot.
  • If there are novice trekkers in your group or people who aren’t really a big fan of hiking then also consider starting from Galu Devi Temple.

Things to bear in mind

  • If you are trekking in winters and there is snow on trail then please take an extra pair of shoes and lot many extra pair of socks. Your feet are going to completely drench and you might catch cold while on the trip.
  • Plan to spend the night on top of Triund. A few hours is just too less to admire the beauty of the snow covered mountain and Dhauladhar Range. There are a few guest houses on top but many people carry there own tent, food, etc.


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